Emblem of the KRP

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The emblem of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region bears the shape of a golden eagle with open wings enclosed in a ring. The background is adorned with the Kurdish flag.

1- The eagle signifies the power and freedom of the Kurdish nation and its long history.

2- The golden colour of the eagle symbolises the richness of Kurdistan with its wealth of natural resources.

3- The four parts to the eagle’s wings represent the four governorates of Kurdistan

4- The sun represents the revival of Kurdistan’s ancient civilisation and the sun’s 21 rays represent Nawroz, the Kurdish new year which starts on March 21. The four longer rays of the sun represent the four components of Kurdistan: Kurds, Turkomans, Chaldeans and Assyrians.

5- The two stars on each side of the ring refer to the two main components of Iraq: the Arabs and the Kurds.

6- “Presidency of the Kurdistan Region” is written in Kurdish at the top of the ring, and in Arabic at the base of the ring.

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